I don’t have a favorite author, but many people do. I can’t seem to narrow down my list of favorites! I mean, who can have a favorite when there are so many greats out there? There’s Austen and Dickens from an older era and then there are authors like Dan Brown and Paul Coelho who are more recent. Such a wide era spanning from the time of Homer in Greece to here and now! One day I’m in love with one author and the next day it’s another.

The real reason I created this blog was so that you guys can tell me your favorite authors and novels. To discuss the aspects of each novel. What is it about a novel or an author that speaks to you? Calls out to you and makes you want to be there, in the novel? Not all authors have the gift, but so many out there do, of making us want to live in the story and be a part of it. Share the author and the novel who is able to do that for you:).


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