The Blue Castle

The Blue Castle is one of my all time favorite books. Valancy, the protagonist, is someone we can all relate to. At 29, she is still unmarried. Even in this day and age, going past the ‘marriageable age’ is a huge issue; especially in a culture like Pakistan’s. Valancy’s idealism and dreams are ones which we all have. Though the novel is presented as a fantasy, we all, at some point or another, want to do what Valancy does, to break free from the rules of culture and society and do something outrageous! I know I have.

As always, L. M. Montgomery’s heroines have a unique quality about them; something, which strictly speaking, isn’t beauty but charm. Valancy, after she breaks free from her restraints, is almost beautiful – but not in the conventional way that her cousin Olive is. She has a personality of her own and the blue castle which she dreams of is the place where her true potential comes to the surface. As Barney, her……..  (I’ll let you find out for yourself!) says, ‘you belong to the woods’. That is where her special charm finds it’s proper domain.

Who among us doesn’t have annoying relatives? Relatives who intrude, boss and try to control our very existence? It may be an old aunt or some far off older cousin, but we’ve all felt the helplessness – especially during family reunions. Valancy lives eternally in a family reunion. The family has found an easy target in Valancy and boss the very life out of her. To break free is a harder step than it seems, even for Valancy. But nevertheless, she finds the necessary push to live her life the way her heart desires…………where does it all end? Do her dreams come true? Most importantly of all, does she find true love? Or is the stigma of age one that she can’t get around?……Read it and tell me all about your views!

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  1. The Blue Castle is one of my favourite books. My first impression was that the book would be interesting because the title totally seized my attention. What I assumed was that the book would be so soothing and sweet which it really was and I am so glad that I've read it and I absolutely agree that L. M. Montgomery's heroines have an extraordinary quality about them and that isn't beauty but charm and Valancy is one of them…:)the more story progresses the more you like it specially when we see Valancy in her bold and blunt style, the way she answered all her relatives without any fear, her imaginary blue castle, her craving for reading books,the funny description of her relatives and the most fascinating was the train scene… …i simply love the concept…:)

  2. Aleena – I'm so glad you've enjoyed the book…I agree that the train scene is the best scene! I just love Barney's reaction:)…I hope to discuss more books with you, including other L. M. Montgomery books.

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