The Daphne du Maurier Challenge

I’m so excited to join my first challenge! The Daphne du Maurier challenge is a perfect place for me to start because I am a huge du Maurier fan. I’ve already read her most popular novels Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel and have been trying to start the rest. Hopefully, this challenge will give me the necessary push! I’m going to try the ‘Dreaming of Manderly’ category as I loved her novel Rebecca. On my list of novels to read are, The Flight of the Falcon, Hungry Hill, and The Loving Spirit. Unfortunately, due to my upcoming exams, I’ll have to complete the novels after the 15th of January……..and time drags when you’re waiting for something. Wish me luck!


3 responses

  1. Wow!!! it seems so interesting. I think i should read them too but as i have to read so many other books plus the upcoming exams so I will have to wait 😦 but do share your views after you read them…:)

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