Suddenly Single

I love reading, but every once in a while I get sick of all the serious reading I do and want something that requires no mental effort whatsoever. I just want a book I can read and not really give my whole mind to. Suddenly Single was such a book and helped me ‘pass the time’ and was relatively easy to figure out. Reading a no-brainer, I relax and am rejuvenated for another bout of classics and difficult authors who are actually trying to put something in my brain!

As you can probably tell, I’m not a fan of the ‘light romance’ genre. These books always seem too unreal and end up happily for everyone. I like a happy ending as well as the next person, but make me believe it. I don’t want to know I’m fooling myself! That being said, there is something to be said for such novels. They are good to pass the time with and help you to just let go of the effort; because reading does require effort. You have to let yourself be drawn in, and use your brain to critically analyze the more difficult literature. Maybe I’m speaking as a literature student, but novels do require some insight. You have to make some connections. But with books like Suddenly Single it’s just fun.

All such books have the typical story. A successful and strong woman gets dumped or contracts some disease; in short – she is at a life altering position. The book then moves on to discuss how evidently, men find her attractive, sexy and just all round brilliant, yet she has just been dumped by a very attractive husband/boyfriend, who, God knows why left her. Obviously, there is a paradox involved which (most of the time) resolves itself by the said dumper wanting her back! I am thankful to say such was not the case in Suddenly Single. Our heroine here has her share of flaws and I was left wondering why her boyfriend hadn’t left her ages ago! But don’t worry, the story turns out as you hoped and knew it would. So read on and relax!

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