My Blind Date with a Book

Hey everybody!

I’m starting this new feature on my blog through which I will discover and read books that are outside my comfort zone. My idea is to pick books at random from the bookstore; authors I don’t know, titles that are not familiar and most importantly: without reading the summary at the back. Hopefully, I will discover new authors I like, and get my hands on some contemporary literature. In My Blind Date with a Book feature, I will rate the books according to the following, listed from my worst to best experience with each new author:

1. Hated it. No second date possible;
2. Shouldn’t judge by first impressions. Giving it a second chance;
3. First date was OK. Second may or may not happen;
4. Enjoyed it. Second will probably happen;
5. Looks like the development of a serious new relationship;
6. Serious, stalker mode. Will look for all books by author.

By doing this, I hope to expand my reading to more authors as well as different genres, maybe even picking up some foreign books! I am so excited to get started :).


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