Why haven’t they made the movie: Child of Awe?!

Child of Awe

Set in the mystical highlands of Scotland, Child of Awe traces the life of Muriella Calder, a young girl with the power of second sight. The Roses and the Calders, two warring families, marry their children hoping for peace. But after her father’s premature death, Muriella inherits the vast fortune of the Calders while still a baby. With peace in the highlands never attained, Muriella’s life remains in danger.

The King of Scotland entrusts her guardianship to the strongest clan in the Highlands: the Campbells. At the age of 13 she is brutally uprooted from her home and taken to the Earl of Argyll – Archibald Campbell; she is to marry the Earl’s second son, John Campbell. Her inheritance is a way of ensuring the young man’s future who would have nothing as the second son. With so much wealth, Muriella remains the target of all in the Highlands. All know that an alliance – forced or otherwise – with her would bring them inconsiderable wealth.

Soon, John and Muriella get married, but that is only the beginning of their problems. Muriella’s second sight gives her visions of the future and what she sees is her own fall. This keeps her away from her husband never trusting or loving him. Knowing that the marriage was inevitable, they both bear a grudge against the other: John for the necessity of marrying for money, and Muriella from being taken from her home. Guarded within the walls of the castle, Muriella is no better than a prisoner. She must try to break free not only from these walls, but those of her own making, overcome her mistrust and open her heart to love.

The movie:

This novel would be a great period piece with all the props and wonderful costumes. The book is extremely detailed on the various clothing and the customs of the time blending them in with all the fantasy. Muriella and John Campbell were real people (although this story is fictional) which adds more romance to the story, for who wouldn’t wish to live the life of a Highland princess? Besides the main story, the side story of Elizabeth Campbell and her husband Hugh Mclean is also moving. It almost rivals the main plot and should be played up in a movie.

The only thing I would change for the movie is the ending which doesn’t do justice to the rest of the novel. It is almost like a let down after all the intensity and drama of the rest of the story.

Who to play the characters?? For John Campbell I imagine Chris Hemsworth. But since I recently saw The Lord of the Rings again, I can also imagine the actor who played Eomer, Karl Urban.


Muriella Calder is a little more difficult. Delicate, ivory skin, red, curly hair, green eyes and petite with a frail physique, I can’t think of anyone that would fit. I leave that to the Hollywood producers! I don’t think any of the existing faces would do, someone new and fresh would look best.

I’m hoping for a movie, Hollywood!


Why haven’t they made the movie: The Emily Series?!

The Emily Series
Look for my reviews of the books soon.

I imagine a movie for almost every book I love. But the only reason I want this series to be turned into a two-part film is because I want to see how Hollywood would portray Emily. While not Montgomery’s most famous heroine (that honour goes to Anne from Anne of Green Gables), Emily Byrd Starr is based a lot on her creator. An aspiring writer, raised by relatives, and sensitive to beauty and love, the two women have much in common; Emily’s moods, her actions all mirror L. M. Montgomery’s. The Emily Series was actually preferred by the author to her other novels. Critically the series has a more mature writing style and plot structure.

The movie:
For the last two books of the Emily series, Emily Climbs and Emily’s Quest, I have the Puffin Books edition; and the cover photographs drawn by Fiona Pragoff are how I have always imagined Emily. Last year, I began watching Downton Abbey, a British television period drama series, and saw Michelle Dockery – see any resemblance?

OK, so maybe it’s not a hundred percent, but it’s pretty close. Michelle could play the older version of Emily Starr perfectly. Frederick Kent or “Teddy” as he is called by his friends is tall, slim and handsome, but above all he has grace and elegance. I can’t think of ANYBODY so you guys choose for me.
I would say Kate Hudson as Ilse Burnley – who could be more vivacious? But it seems to me that someone younger and fresher would suit better. And I thought Ilse would be the easy one to cast!
Hayden Christensen as Perry Miller no doubt – the enthusiastic, impulsive, go-getter who claws his way up in the world! That clean cut jaw, those grey eyes and tawny curls – seems perfect to me.
And then we have Dean Priest. How I hated Dean in the book. I thought of who I had hated in a series, and came upon Robert Carlyle (from Stargate Universe). I don’t know whether he’s too old for the role or not, but what else is make-up for?!
It is important to split the series into at least two movies because the books chronicle Emily’s life from childhood to her late twenties; the same actress could not play both the roles and the story is too long to be made into one movie. The thing I would hate more than anything is if they cast “young” Emily wrong. To make her precocious, or overly mature would ruin the whole effect. Her innocence along with her intensity and her love of beauty are the qualities that make her so unique. Oh, why are books so hard to depict?! 
The books have a lot of entries as from a diary – this would mean that a lot of the script would have to be re-written. The most important thing is to catch that atmosphere – everything else falls into place as long as the director gets the gist of the story, what its people feel, who they are, and how they seal their fate. Check out my review to see my take on the novels.
So, can we hope for a movie soon, Hollywood?

Why haven’t they made the movie: The King’s General?!

The King’s General
For my post on the book, go HERE.

The King’s General is one of my all time favorite books. I recommend it to anyone who loves to reads and have re-read it myself many times. Now, all that is left is for Hollywood to make a movie!

OK, so I know that movies based on classics never quite live up to our expectations. There is the expectant wait, the excitement when the cast is revealed, the hype when the trailer is released, and the disappointment when the movie is finally seen. I know all that, and still, I want a movie! The King’s General has gotten under my skin; I love the characters so much that I want them shown on the silver screen. I want to see who Hollywood would choose for the cast – although I myself have already imagined them in my mind. It’s just that kind of book; and that is why most movies based on popular books are such flops: the fans of the book have already filmed the whole book in their mind, and leaving out even a single scene or the slightest change in the plot, is such a jar. We know the movie already – who changed the script?!

The movie:

Menabilly: Source

My idea of the movie strictly follows the plot. But following the plot doesn’t mean showing each and every scene in the book. Many of the scenes would probably be irrelevant in a movie due to the fact that a book must describe a lot in detail which isn’t needed in a movie. I would not change any of the essentials of the plot though: the characters, the important events, the outcome of their lives, and their personalities – only the length would be shortened.

Another point about book based films is that, many times, the dialogue is copied word for word from the book. For some fans this might be a plus point, but not for me. The reason is that the dialogue has become just that: a dialogue. Actors begin to sound like mannequins who lifelessly repeat what they are told. It’s like a useless prop that jars the uniformity of the set. The writer of the script should have freedom in rewriting the novel to some extent. The essence of the dialogue should be the same, but the script of a movie is quite different from other reading material.

As for the cast, for Richard Grenvile, I imagine someone hard and cruel but charming, careless but an intense lover. I’ve so far thought of Taylor Kitsch. He’s perfect for the role in my mind. If only he were a couple of years older for when Richard is above 40.


Rose Byrne might suit the role of Gartred Grenvile – Richard’s stunningly beautiful, hard, grasping and greedy older sister.  The only thing I would say is that both the siblings are supposed to have auburn hair – but they can dye their hair right?! 😛


I don’t know about Honor. Actresses are always more difficult to cast because they are usually described in such detail in books. Maybe Kirsten Dunst would fit.


So Hollywood – make a movie already!